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A lead fragment the size of a rice grain contains enough lead to kill an eagle. Most lead bullets leave dozens of such fragments in a gut pile that eagles and other wildlife accidentally consume.

Lead poisoning is a leading cause of mortality in eagles and studies have shown that lead concentrations in raptors spike during and directly after hunting seasons (1,2).

Golden eagle scavenging from a caribou carcass in Alaska
Lead poisoning can cause severe symptoms in wildlife including blindness, seizures, loss of balance, and at high levels slow death, as seen in this video (2:01).
Copper ammunition is a highly effective, non-toxic alternative for big game hunting that leaves healthy gut piles for eagles and other wildlife to scavenge and benefit from. Take the 100% voluntary Alaska Copper Ammo Challenge today and save $80 on your first two boxes of copper ammo!
Learn more about lead poisoning and nonlead ammunition at
Learn more about lead poisoning and nonlead ammunition at

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AK Copper Ammo Challenge is a unique partnership of hunting organizations in Alaska to reduce accidental lead poisoning in wildlife by supporting the voluntary use of copper rifle ammunition. We provide Alaskan hunters information and discounted copper ammunition so they can try it and decide for themselves. Who’s up to the challenge?